How to Apply Scholarship in B.Ed or M.Ed

Hello Students Today, We are talking about the scholarship for B.Ed or M.Ed Students. If you are studying in B.Ed or M.Ed and falls in SC, ST or OBC category then you can get scholarship upto Rs.40000 or as your State Govt. Scheme.

Normal candidates of B.Ed, M.D. students do not get scholarships. But if a candidate is OBC or SC-ST then he can get scholarship. This scholarship is given through the Adivasi caste welfare department of every state.
How many scholarships do they get?
Students of OBC category get 5000 students and SC; ST category scholarships get 25 thousand rupees. The scholarship amount differs from state to state.

It can be applied online on the website of the Tribal Welfare Department. Every student has to provide their bank details too. Scholarship comes directly into the student's bank account. This year's admission process is going on.

Applications are also being made for scholarships. For more information visit the department's website can be visited. Or departments of the departments can also be contacted.