Jio Phone in Rs.95 with 6 months free services

In the last four and a half years, the Rajasthan government has done a great job to strengthen the system of government services and government benefits till the public. The way in which government work has changed in the state today and every work is being done online in a digital way. This has resulted in the delay and hassle of the people.

Further strengthening the system, the Government is giving financial assistance to the families of the National Food Security Act (NFSA), which means the families of the ration, for Jio Phone and internet connections. With this, people of the state who could not take advantage of digital services so far will be connected to digital. These people will also be able to get government work done easily by sitting at home.

What is Bhamashah Digital Family Planning?
National Food Security Act (NFSA) i.e. financial assistance of 500 + 500 rupees in two phases for Jio Phone and internet connections to the deserving families of Ration.

How to take advantage of the plan?
The first installment of 500 rupees will be deposited in the account of Bhamashah Mahila Mukhiya, the eligible families of the eligible families by the state government. No application is required for this.

To get the Aadhaar amount in the bank account, it is important that you have a right bank account associated with Bamashah. If you want to add a new account or have a change in the linked account, you can get it done by visiting the e-friend.

Camps will be organized in place of 'Bhamashah Digital Family Planning' at the place of place by the district administration. You can take the company's Jio Phone of your choice in these camps or from any store. In the same way you can take Internet services from any operator as per your wishes.

How to take the second installment?
On your current or new Jio Phone, any of the state government's mobile app - e-friend, Bamashah wallet, Rajasthan link, Raj Mail - download it. All of them have the facility of registering Jio Phone. On registering your Jio Phone, the second installment of Rs 500 will be credited to the account.

It is important that the mobile number be from the name of a member of your family.

Now every family will have the power of digital, every family and strong