What is ‘Food Culture’? How does it differ from city to city?


What makes the food culture in your city different than others?

Thinking if food really has a ‘culture’ associated to it? Well, yes. Food plays a significant part in defining the culture of a demography. Food culture varies from region to region. The role is great to an extent that even food tours are organised by various organisations that help people (read: tourists) understand the culture of the said area better. Best Order Online Cake Delivery in Gurgaon by Cake Plaza.

Now the question that arises is: What makes the food culture in your city different than others? Let’s focus on Gurgaon’s food culture with that prevalent in Rohtak – both cities of the Haryana state. This will help understand food culture better as well as we will be able to mark certain differences in the food culture of these two places.

Gurgaon – with its proximity to Delhi as well as the Indira Gandhi International Airport – enjoys location benefits. It is considered the IT hub as well as the Automobile hub of Haryana. Big industries call Gurgaon their home. People from all over the country come to Gurgaon to earn their living and refer to it as their second home. It is but natural for Gurgaon to be known as the melting pot of cultures. While it no longer associates with its original rustic Haryanvi charm, it manages to cater to the needs of one and all. Its food culture reflects ideas from all over India as well as glimpses of the food industry from world over.

Rohtak, on the other hand, has seen significant development in the form of infrastructure, it did not really grow as an industrial town. Its residents are limited to (in a way, tied to) the local culture, including its very limited food culture. It has grown in a limited manner. While you can see modern food stalls in Rohtak as well, the extent with which Gurgaon has grown in terms of food culture is unmatched.

Big malls in Gurgaon have welcomed high-end international food chains like Big Chill, Chilis, and Paul’s etc. grow in a rampant fashion, Rohtak only managed to have mid-segment food chains like KFC and Mc Donalds start doing business. Indian food brands like Sagar Ratna too are found in abundance in Gurgaon rather than in Rohtak for the simple reason that people from all over the country live here in Gurgaon ensuring better visibility and growth to these businesses.

The way people celebrate occasions in a city like Gurgaon is in many terms different from the way people in cities like Rohtak celebrate occasions. If you live in Gurgaon, you clearly understand what we mean when we talk about the difference in occasion celebration style. People go extravagant in Gurgaon and other areas of Delhi NCR when it comes to ordering cakes on special occasions.

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