Redmi Smart band Price & Specifications

The newly announced Redmi Smart Band comes with a large 1.08 inch TFT color display, supporting stunning color performance and adjustable brightness. For everyday style seekers, it offers more than 70 fun, stylish and IP-featured dial plates to choose from, as well as four different wristband colors to go with your daily mood and outfit.

Not only is Redmi Smart Band a fantastic accessory, it also makes life more simple by offering the easiest ways to interact while on-the-go. Users can lift their wrist to light up the screen, tap or swipe to access calls, notifications and music streaming, or simply place their palm on the display to lock. It also features an integrated USB charger that allows users to simply remove the wristband and insert the USB to charge, no additional adapters needed. Redmi Smart Band fully charges in a mere two hours and will support up to 14 days of hassle-free usage.

Empowering an active lifestyle, Redmi Smart Band also offers five exercise modes including running, walking, cycling, indoor running and other workouts. Users can track their running, walking and cycling routes, while closely monitoring their health and wellness through the Mi Fit app. The device will send out notifications whenever it detects a high heart rate and provides sleep status analysis, inactivity reminders and more.

Starting at RMB 95, Redmi Smart Band is now available for crowdfunding on